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The Understory Initiative, Rare Plant Monitoring & UNPP MOU

Three Exciting Updates...

The Understory Initiative 2023 Year-End Newsletter & more

Please check out The Understory Initiative's 2023 YEAR-END NEWSLETTER AND IMPACT REPORT and learn more about our programs!!!

*TUI is a local non-profit located in the Rogue Basin that administers and oversees the UNPP.

If you haven't already, please sign up for one (or several) of TUI's email lists so you know what we have planned for 2024! And if you are able, Please also consider donating to The Understory Initiative at some point this year. It’s the community support that allows us to approach our work with the goal of decadent restoration success – not just checking a box for “acres restored”. 

Thank you!


Volunteer for the Rare Plant Monitoring Network in Douglas County!

The UNPP MOU Signing is Happening :)

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